Movies Based On Real-Life Football Stories


Football isn’t just a game for Americans it is more of an emotion, and they celebrate football as a festival. Besides America, football is celebrated all over the world, as we just saw in the FIFA World Cup season. With the football season ending, we understand how football lovers must be feeling about everything.

If you don’t want that football season spark to die and are sick of all the Christmas movies everywhere, we have just the right list for you. The football movies listed below are some of the best real-life stories. These stories are inspirational and motivational, and have great stories which will bring out the spark in you.

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Below are some of the best movies based on real-life football stories. Let’s check them out!

12 Mighty Orphans

12 Mighty Orphans is a real-life football movie set in Fort Worth, Texas, in the era of The Great Depression. The story discusses Rusty Russel who has to give up his well-established position as a football coach at a reputable institute.

He gives up his position to coach his students at an orphanage. He trains his students and shapes them in a way that they become famous in the state, and soon they are well-known all over the nation. Amidst training, Rusty also has to deal with the orphanage manager’s poor behavior.

American Underdog

American Underdog is another football movie that discusses a true story. The movie follows the struggles of Kurt Warner. Warner deals with years of challenges and problems to achieve a Super Bowl champion, Hall of Fame quarterback, and become a two-time NFL MVP.

Warner gets support from his family, coaches, teammates, and wife to show the world that he is a fighter.  His wife supports and motivates him at every step of his journey, which gives him great strength to be able to achieve ultimate championships.

The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a football movie that discusses the real life of a homeless black kid Michael Oher who goes in and out of educational systems for years. Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy decide to adopt the kid. The Tuohys take Michael under their guardianship, which changes both their lives and the kid’s life.

With the help of his committed coach and his new family, Michael discovers his true potential as a football player and a student. His huge build and protective instincts prove useful for him and make him appear as a powerful force on the playground.


Radio is a real-life based movie set in a racially divided town. The movie follows the story of Coach Jones who finds a mentally challenged African-American student Radio near his place of practice. Jones is inspired by the kid and instantly befriends him.

Soon enough when Jones makes Radio his assistant, Principal Daniels notes that Radio’s self-confidence is getting a boost. However, things start to take a turn when Jones gets a lot of backlash from fans who believe that his dedication to Radio is getting in the way of the team’s progress toward the championship.


Rudy is another real-life based sports movie. The movie follows the story of Rudy Ruettiger who wants to play football at the University of Notre Dame. Rudy has neither money to pay for tuition nor does he have enough grades to qualify for a scholarship.

When his best friend Pete dies in an accident, Rudy doubles the hard work in an effort to get out of the steel mill where his father works. He overcomes his dyslexia with the help of his mentor D-Bob and secures admission to the University of Notre Dame. He then starts his struggle to secure a spot in the college’s renowned football team.

My All American

My All American is the real-life story of small but scrappy Freddie Steinmark. After being granted a scholarship to play football at the University of Texas, he gets to play for Coach Darrell Royal and the Longhorns in the late 1960s. Along with his former teammate Bobby Mitchell and friend James Street, Steinmark helps the Longhorns succeed.

In the midst of their journey, Freddie suffers an injury that leads to a heartbreaking diagnosis. He rises back up using his invincible spirit and determination and takes up the challenge like a real true champion.


Invincible is a heartwarming true story of a lifelong football fan Vince Papale. After a heartbreaking divorce, Vince encounters his lifelong wildest dream come to life when he is chosen as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

While he teaches at his high school alma mater in Pennsylvania, he gets the chance to try for his favorite team. The 30-year-old Vince never played football, and except for kickers, he becomes the oldest rookie in the NFL’s history who doesn’t have a history of playing football in college.

Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is not the true story of a person but of the entire Virginia. High school football in Virginia was a way of life. Each game would be celebrated just as any big holiday such as Christmas. Each playoff would be grand like a national holiday. Football for Virginians was more than just a game – it was an emotion.

The movie discusses that football was everything to the people of Alexandria in 1971. The local school board was made to integrate an all-white school with an all-black school. Well, this was when the fundamental football tradition was challenged for the people of Alexandria and put to a test.

When the Game Stands Tall

When the Game Stands Tall is another true story of a town that takes football as seriously as a national holiday. Well, in 2003 Bob Ladouceur, a high school football coach witnessed his team De La Salle Spartans completing their 151st victory and 12th state championship in a row.

When the school’s seniors get offers from all around the country, the juniors look forward to making their mark. However, the next season doesn’t go as planned as Coach Lad faces calamity and the Spartans come across the most challenging and unpredictable season.

In Conclusion

Well, football is not just a game but is a whole emotion for most Americans. We all must have seen it in the past world cup and how it made the world emotional. No doubt it was one of the best finals ever. When we see football, it brings out all our emotions. So, if you don’t want to let the football spirit die in you, watch these movies and feel the emotions all over again.