How to Sell Products on Amazon Successfully


Selling products on Amazon can be complicated and difficult if you don’t use the right tools to market your products. For example, if you are selling clothes and fail to use the right keywords, it can be impossible to get customers looking for clothes.

To sell your products successfully, you need to carry out research using the Amazon FBA keyword tool. You must also think about the products that can relate to your products when looking for your keywords. If you want to sell clothes, it’s possible to search for the right keywords such as shoe polish, shoe rack, shoelaces, and so on. If you want to sell a cooker, you can search for keywords related to cooking utensils or recipe books.

Once you get a list that has complementary or similar products to the ones you are selling, insert those keywords in the Amazon Keyword Tool and choose the products with the highest rankings and search volumes. Include these keywords in the section for “Hidden Keywords” in the product listing page and type the same in the product description section.

If you can optimize your products properly, Amazon’s A9 Algorithm will pick them up and include them in the list of suggested items; this definitely increases your potential of earning more revenue since it opens up new channels for selling for your online business.

It’s surprising how several FBA vendors don’t understand the Amazon SEO or even how to search for keywords manually. By using the Keyword tool, you are in a better position to know the winning products that will bring more income for you. It’s the best way for scaling up your business on Amazon and getting more visits on your product page.

Amazon is among the most visited online site for selling and buying products; the site gets traffic of over 200 million daily. It has millions of active users who buy or sell their products on the site.

How do You Choose Keywords on Amazon?

The Amazon Keyword Tool displays keywords in the exact order that they were generated by Amazon autocomplete. Mostly, Amazon places the more popular and relevant keywords above those that aren’t as popular. However, the Keyword Tool Pro goes further to pull the search volumes data for generated Amazon keywords.

Depending on what you require, this enables you to select either the less or more popular keywords. It’s unfortunate that AMZ doesn’t offer the exact data for search volumes. The Keyword Tool only gives an estimate for the data of the keywords to give sellers an understanding of the product’s’ popularity.

The best thing is to ensure that your products gain visibility by using the Keyword tool to get high ranking. Using relevant and effective keywords is crucial in making sales on Amazon. Also, optimizing the Amazon listing makes it easier for customers to see your page, which might increase your sales and revenue.

The Keyword Tool is easy to use; you only need to type a related keyword to the products you intend to sell and you’ll see thousands of keywords that you can use for your business.