Facebook : Posting Techniques To Attract More Visitors

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Most businesses have Facebook pages for advertising purposes, but do you know why most posts garner so few likes and comments? The answer is that not all Facebook posts are written with the right techniques to attract more visitors. 

Some do not have audience base to start making trending and viral content. But you do not need to worry as you always can buy Facebook views to get started with attracting more and more visitors. 

Be More Than Just Informative

It’s okay to post business-oriented updates like informational or promotional posts but don’t make this a habit. You must also post updates that your audience will find interesting. Take note of what types of links your audience likes and shares, and try to base your next posts on the kind that are already working.

Include A Visual Element 

Everyone loves visuals. Aside from being good at creating info graphics you can also use short videos to keep your followers’ attention. You may also want to include gifs and images that can help you attract more likes. Whether, you are a designer or not, creating something visually appealing to help your post go viral. 

Create Excitement And Expectation

To make the right impression in your community on Facebook is vital.  Your next posts must have the right energy level for them to be engaged and excited about what will come next. Write engaging titles and descriptions that share information about a new product offering, event, or another event that relates to your page or business. You can also use infographics, polls, or quizzes to get people thinking about various topics or angles related to the items on offer from your page.

Engage Through Storytelling 

Stories are exciting and can instantly capture the attention of your followers. So when writing a post, you may want to include a short story to draw people’s interest and encourage them to give you their comments and feedback. It can be about why you started your business, an interesting blog post, or how you came up with a new product or service. 

As long as engaging and relevant, it will surely help you get more Facebook page likes. When you can understand the interests of the type of people that follow you on Facebook it becomes easier for you to make relevant information to post on your page.

Humor Is Always A Go-To

Anyone can tell you that adding humor will always be a sure way of making something more entertaining and attention-grabbing. Humor will also make your posts more interesting to your followers and more likely to be liked. So when you write a new post, utilize jokes, puns, quotes, etc.

Empower Your Customers And Followers 

When posting new updates or information on your page, consider giving out the details of how they can connect with you to get their information or products at a lower price. This is an effective way to use strategy B .You can give away freebies so that these people will also want to purchase them from you. Just ensure that the content is relevant and important enough that they won’t feel tricked into taking action in your company’s favor.

Stay Active 

Posting frequently is key. Don’t go more than four weeks without posting any content to Facebook. If you do that, you may lose a lot of the attention you used to have. Clicking the Like button is okay, but ensure you engage in conversations where possible. 

You don’t have to be the next Picasso, but using quotes from others is good for engaging content on Facebook. People like to see a human face behind the posts, so make sure you also use their words in your posts.

Create Posts With Broad Appeal 

Avoid making posts that appeal only to a certain subset of your audience. Some people will like your post, and others won’t mind it. Make sure that your content appeals to everyone who likes your page so that you get maximum engagement from them. If you want to post something interesting and life-changing, you must be bored. Don’t use terms or jargon that only people who work at your company would understand. 


Regarding marketing and advertising on social media, nothing is more important than the content. It’s common knowledge that people will scroll right past an advertisement if the accompanying post doesn’t have many likes or shares. Additionally, Facebook takes engagement into account when ranking pages in search engine results, leading to higher rankings for those who can generate a good deal of activity in the form of likes and shares. Thus it would be better if you buy FB views so that you make your content reachable to the larger audience. 

It may sound daunting, but there are many ways you can create engaging content for your ads and boost engagement that isn’t immediately obvious from looking at your Facebook page alone. But you can do it if you start following the above-given tips. From adding tags to your post to contest prize-winning events, all of these activities will help you to get traffic.